Measured Range 4-20 Liquid Level Gauge Transmitter

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Quick Details:

Place of OriginHenan, China (Mainland)Brand NameWEILIModel NumberULZ
Measuring range300~6000mmMedia weight Level:≥0.55g/cm3Ambient temperature-40~80 ℃
Operating temperature-20~120℃Work pressure 0.6;1.0;2.5;4.0Mpameasurement accuracy±1cm(Pillar diameter 1cm)

Product Description:

UlZ series of magnetic liquid level meter is our factory to introduce advanced foreign technology, according to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling effect developed. According to the relevant standards developed by the level of instrumentation, widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries in various towers, cans, tanks, spherical containers and boiler equipment in the medium of liquid level, the level of direction. 

Measured Range 4-20 Liquid Level Gauge Transmitter

Main Features:

1. Level gauge based on the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling developed

2. Coupled with the liquid level alarm, control switch, liquid, boundary of the upper and lower limits alarm, control and chain

3. Coupled with the reed - resistance level transmitter, the level, the boundary signal is converted into 4 ~ 20mADC standard current signal, remote indication, detection, recording control.

4 The product is eye-catching, intuitive readings, measurements are correct,

5 The product is safe and reliable, easy to maintain, from the impact of high and low temperature, the whole process of measurement without blind spots

6 Due to the complete separation of liquid and boundary indicating system from the medium, it is especially suitable for explosive and toxic environments.

Technical Parameters:
Measuring range300~6000mm(Increase the range can be customized)
Nominal length300-6000mm
Media weightLevel:ρ ≥0.55g/cm3Interface:ρ1-ρ2≥0.16g/cm3
Work pressure0.6;1.0;2.5;4.0Mpa
Ambient temperature-40~80 ℃
Operating temperature-20~120℃
measurement accuracy±1cm(Pillar diameter 1cm)
Connection flange sizeDN20,PN4.0 raised face flange  HG20592-97