The Difference Between Ultrasonic Level Gauge And Radar Level Gauge

Nov 30 , 2018

From the measurement, the ultrasonic pulse is emitted by the sensor (transducer), and also the sound wave is reflected by the liquid surface and received from precisely the same sensor or the ultrasonic receiver.

It's based upon the time-stroke principle of the measuring tool, along with the radar wave operates in the speed of light. The runtime could be converted into a level sign by electronic components.

1. The radar level gauge has a much wider measurement range than the ultrasonic wave.

2. The radar level gauge has a horn type, a rod type, and a cable type, and also the relative ultrasonic wave can be applied to more complicated working conditions.

3. Ultrasonic liquid level gauge wave accuracy isn't as good as radar.

4. The radar level gauge has a relatively high price.

5. Consider the dielectric constant of the medium when using the radar level gauge.

6. Ultrasonic level gauge Can't Be used in a vacuum, high steam content or even the foaming liquid surface.

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