What's The Installment Principle Of Electromagnetic Flow Meter?

Nov 28 , 2018

Pay attention to these aspects when installing the Electromagnetic Flow Meter sensor:

First, the security level of the sensor housing should achieve IP65;

Second, when the sensor measuring tube is in use, the medium must be full. Because of this, the valve ought to be installed at the low end position and meet the minimum straight pipe segment upstream of the flow meter;

Third, the sensor should be set up in this position that bubbles will not form from the measuring tube;

Fourth, the conductivity distribution of the moderate in the measuring tube should be uniform. If the medicine is added in the medium, it needs to be added downstream of the detector. If it is necessary to inject upstream, it should be further upstream of the flowmeter, it is encouraged to be out 50D;

Fifth, choose the installation at which vibration is small, particularly the integrated flowmeter;

Sixth, avoid the interference of big motors and large transformers nearby;

Seventh, the humidity and temperature of the installation environment ought to be in the range specified by the tool;

Eighth, a negative pressure prevention valve ought to be added close to the flow meter to protect against the measuring tube from forming a negative pressure.

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