Treatment Of Measurement Error Of Digital Vortex Flowmeter (1)

Dec 04 , 2018

Treatment of measurement error of Digital Vortex Flowmeter

Problem: The power Digital Natural Gas Vortex Flowmeter is switched on, the valve isn't open, and there's a sign output.

Option: 1. The detector of Natural Gas Vortex Flowmeter (or detection element ) output is poorly protected or grounded, which Contributes to external  electromagnetic disturbance;

2. The tool is too near the high-power gear or high-frequency gear, and distance electromagnetic radiation interferes with this tool;

3. The setup pipe has powerful shaking;

4. The sensitivity of this converter is too large, and also the interference signal is overly sensitive; the steps to be taken would be to fortify the shielding grounding, remove the vibration of this pipeline, and fix the sensitivity of this converter.

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