Electromagnetic Flowmeter Overall Leak Rate Test

Feb 13 , 2019

Here is Accurate Electromagnetic Flow Meter China manufacturer talking about Overall Leak Rate Test. 

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In the following guide, we'll introduce you into the timeless program of mass flow meter - flow test. Our institution's program is atomic leak detection with exceptionally stringent and rigorous nuclear regulatory criteria.

First, theoverall leak rate test (ILRT) verification:

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requires all nuclear power plants to do regular testing to make sure that nuclear energy plants comply with all containment requirements in light of the needs of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission 10 CFR 50 Appendix J. The prerequisites include three evaluations:

1. Type A test is used to detect the overall leak rate of the main reactor containment

2. Type B testing is used to detect localized leakage from the main reactor containment penetrations, including airlocks and electrical penetrations.

3. The Type C test is used to detect the leak rate of the containment isolation valve.

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Since that time, it is now the most important platform employed in the USA. Bright sensors increase the efficacy of ILRT by lowering the amount and time of penetrations necessary for test setup and implementation.

Over 50 smart detectors installed at the reactor always return humidity and temperature information to figure out the pressure corrosion rate during the evaluation. After the first test decisions, the group ran another confirmation test. The evaluation team used a pressure tap into the plant to make a steady leak of about 50 slpm. Throughout the evaluation, the mass flow meter monitors the real leak rate while the intelligent detector is reporting information. Comparing the two sets of information, it's shown the wise sensor is analyzed within the required precision indicator. From the 5-hour confirmation test, the measurement precision of this mass flow meter and the insensitivity to temperature and pressure changes were completely used.

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