Mass Flow Controller Stability Control Time

Feb 18 , 2019

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We thought mass flow control gets the quickest control reaction rate on the planet. Nonetheless, in the surface of several peers that call their gear'very quickly', how do we prove ourselves? The fast control reaction not only makes sure that the system reaches the setpoint fast, but also maintains a steady stream to prevent pressure changes. There's not any doubt that the reaction rate of a gadget is essential to measurement precision and steady flow controller. 

1. The physical time constant (Tau)

Though this definition is a physical benchmark, perhaps it doesn't indicate any issue, since 36.8percent of the rest of the value may require less or more compared to past 63.2%. 

2. Specify the set value percentage change area arbitrarily

The technical parameters of several mass flow controllers utilize an alteration in a specific percentage assortment of the established value to specify the reaction rate of the apparatus, by way of instance, the time necessary to achieve 90 percent from 10% of the total value. Since the first and closing 10% controller reaction curves change the most, the consequent control reaction rate might not be comparable to the true control functionality. It may be clearly seen from the oscilloscope waveform: 50 percent of this section has the greatest length, less than 10 percent, and over 90%. The length is a lot smaller. As usually, in the event the apparatus reaction rate is defined concerning the time required to achieve 90% by the established price of 10 percent, the end will be 6 to 7 milliseconds.

3. Stabilization time

Since the controller may overshoot after reaching the set value, it is usually the time required for the manufacturer to reach the set value and stabilize as the device response speed, and give the waveform oscillation amplitude an allowable range. For example, an allowable range of 2% means that the flow fluctuation is stable within 2% of the set value. The accuracy of a typical mass flow controller is between 0.5% and 2%, but some manufacturers have extended the stability tolerance to 10%. 

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High Quality Electromagnetic Flowmeter

High Quality Electromagnetic Flowmeter