How To Determine The Precision Of The Instrument?

Feb 01 , 2019

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Flow calibration is a double process of testing and adjusting the truth of a tool using a calibration apparatus of known dimension criteria. The data measured by the mass stream meter/controller is first compared to the data measured by the calibration equipment and the mass flow meter/controller readings are adjusted to match the calibration equipment readings in line with the specified accuracy range.

Secondary calibration gear is usually calibrated in the lab by the above-described main calibration gear and then continues to calibrate other devices in place of the original main calibration equipment. ALICAT's mass flow meters and pressure gauges using high-precision options function as NIST traceable secondary calibration equipment for the consumer's area, and the mobile high-precision mass flow meter is thought to be a mobile rapid calibration laboratory.

The Weili Portable Flow Calibrator (PCU) is constructed with three battery-powered, high-precision mass flow meters that calibrate a larger flow range than mobile high-precision mass flow meters.

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