Electromagnetic Flowmeter Structure(2)

Nov 26 , 2018

4. Housing: Made of ferromagnetic material. It is the cover of the distribution system excitation coil and isolates the interference of the external magnetic field.

5. Lining: A complete electrical insulation lining is provided on the inside of the measuring tube and on the flange sealing surface. It directly contacts the liquid to be measured, and its function is to increase the corrosion resistance of the measuring catheter and prevent the induced potential from being short-circuited by the metal measuring tube wall. Most of the lining materials are PTFE plastics and ceramics that are resistant to corrosion, high temperature and wear.

6. Converter: The induced potential signal generated by the flow of the liquid is very weak and is greatly affected by various interference factors. The function of the converter is to amplify and convert the induced potential signal into a uniform standard signal and suppress the main interference signal. Its task is to amplify the induced potential signal Ex detected by the electrode into a unified standard DC signal.

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