The Tightness Of Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Sep 05 , 2019

Find here details of Electromagnetic Flow Meter on our website. Today we would like to talk about the tightness of electromagnetic flow meter.

The outer nut of the electromagnetic flow meter is not tight enough to loosen (loose), so that the inner core of the rotameter flows along with the adjusting screw, so that the flow cannot be turned on. This condition is often accompanied by the very large and closed points of the knob. Disappeared, no matter whether the knob turns left or right, it will not turn to the head. Sometimes there will be air leakage at the outer nut. Tighten the outer nut with a wrench to eliminate the fault. The second is that the fastening screw between the knob and the adjusting screw is loose, so that the knob can not drive the screw to rotate. In this case, it is easy to feel the knob slipping on the adjusting screw, and the knob can be adjusted from the adjusting screw. The upper slide is removed, so realign the knob and the locking position of the adjusting screw, and tighten the locking screw on the knob with a screwdriver to eliminate the fault.

Flowmeter China

Flowmeter China

As a professional Flow Meter China Manufacturer, we know that this fault phenomenon is that the flow meter adjustment knob can not continue to open a large flow after opening the flow rate to a certain amount, and even the flow meter adjustment knob is opened to a very large position, and the flow rate does not rise and fall. The root cause of this fault is that the metal piece in the center of the pressure sensitive diaphragm in the respirator of the respiratory terminal is detached. The original piece is moved down by the plane of the metal piece to form a complete lock. The situation of opening the rocker valve has changed. The current metal piece may be Eccentric or tilting, so that the rocker flap is not in the state of the original lock fully open, but in a semi-open or throttled state, as the flow is opened, the rocker flap is not locked, and As the pressure in the lower chamber of the pressure sensitive diaphragm increases, the pressure sensitive diaphragm bulges, causing the rocker of the rocker flap to rise and the opening of the shutter to become smaller, which in turn increases the throttle of the shutter, which is also the flow meter adjustment knob. The reason why the flow to the very large position does not rise and fall.

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