How To Use Electromagnetic Flowmeter To Improve Oil Recovery?

Aug 29 , 2019

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Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

How to use electromagnetic flowmeter to improve oil recovery, this technology can be modified by special oil interception and oil interception fluids. The general term for the oil recovery method to improve the efficiency of macro-burning and Huiguan crude oil. Under this definition. Enhanced oil recovery techniques can include a variety of oil recovery methods in addition to waterflooding that utilizes natural energy for the most mining and for the purpose of maintaining formation pressure.

Oil recovery depends on the efficiency of the crude oil in the oil reform and the efficiency of the oil. Therefore, all the enhanced oil recovery techniques are to improve the efficiency of the sweeping and improve the efficiency of oil production. However, due to the price of the sister The method is different from the coarse medium, and the various edges of the enhanced oil recovery technology have great differences in adaptability.

According to the media and crude replacement methods, the existing enhanced oil recovery technologies can be divided into chemical flooding, gas flooding, thermal oil recovery, and biological harvesting. All the oil production methods are based on the specific chemical agent or its composite system, in order to change the flow characteristics of the moon-clad fluid and improve the interface characteristics between the oil-repellent agent-a crude oil and a reservoir. Collectively referred to as chemical soft. Common chemical enthalpy methods include chemist-resistance, surface active squad, alkali water sin, and chemical compound coarseness and so on.

The oil recovery method using gas as the main oil-producing medium is collectively referred to as gas flooding. According to the phase characteristics of J, gas and formation crude oil, the gas shift can be divided into two categories: gas vision shift and gas non-mixed phase. JU made The gas of the oil is usually CO., N., light hydrocarbons, flue gas.