Various Types Of Flow Meters

Sep 12 , 2019

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Various Types Of Flow Meters

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Flowmeters have been derived from various types of products in order to meet the needs of different industries. Currently, V cone flowmeters, spiral vortex flowmeters, orifice flowmeters, target flowmeters, and vortex flowmeters are commonly found on the market. , electromagnetic flowmeter, steam flowmeter, natural gas flowmeter. The following is a brief introduction shared by Flowmeter Factory to the information of these flow meters.

V-cone flowmeter

1: Range-to-width ratio: Since the cone can make the fluid flow field uniform, the flow rate can be measured lower than that of the general differential pressure flowmeter, that is, the lower limit of the range is lower than that of the general differential pressure flowmeter, so the range can be expanded downward, and the range ratio can be At 15:1, the Reynolds number is as low as 8000 to maintain the line shape of the signal.

2: long life

The fluid flows through the cone without sudden fluctuations, but becomes a boundary layer along the cone and directs the fluid away from the back angle of the cone, which makes the angle of the cone not subject to the wear of the dirty fluid, the flow coefficient β rate It can be unchanged for a long time and guarantees long-term accurate measurement. Therefore, the flowmeter can be used for a long time in dirty places, without regular maintenance and periodic verification (of course, regular maintenance and verification of the secondary meter is still necessary). The pressure loss is small and the permanent pressure loss is lower than that of the orifice flowmeter, which is close to Venturi.

3: Signal stability

Since the differential element produces a differential pressure, which also causes eddy currents after the element, each differential pressure meter has signal fluctuations, even if the fluid is stable. For the standard orifice plate, due to the long eddy current generated, the low frequency signal fluctuation is greatly disturbed, which seriously interferes with the accuracy of the differential pressure reading. The eddy current generated after the V cone is very short, so the signal fluctuation is low frequency. This allows the V-cone to produce a stable signal.

4: Wide range of β values

The unique geometry of the V-cone allows for a wide range of beta values with standard beta values of 0.45, 0.55, 0.65, 0.75, 0.85 and specific beta values to ensure user-specific differential pressure output. The no-retention zone V-cone thoroughly purged design avoids the retention of debris, condensate or particles in the fluid.

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