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Jan 31 , 2019

Here is Standard Model Flowmeter Factory talking about Flowmeter test. 

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How powerful is the Weili mass flow meter? More durable? When we were planning to record a mass flow meter at a height of 5 meters, we asked ourselves.

In the test, a 1SLPM portable mass flowmeter was thrown to the concrete floor from 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, and 5m respectively, and was controlled by bulk flow with a set price of 1SLPM after every landing. The apparatus checks its accuracy. The reason why the mobile flowmeter is used for testing is that the hand-held device is frequently the most easily dropped by accident when used in the area. The initial test height is set to 1 meter since it's the usual hand-held elevation, and the evaluation elevation is slowly increased every time. The top of the vertical bar is just 1 meter high up to 4 meters. Since the portable flow meter still functions normally, we'll continue to challenge and continue from 5 meters. The outcome is 0.994SLPM - only 0.6%. error.

Still the exact same question: Why does this evaluation prove strong or durable? There's not any doubt that both are interrelated, however, there are subtle differences. In material science study, the powerful antonym isn't soft, but delicate, and also a powerful object can simply temporarily deform without exploding when exposed to a particular effect. As soon as we throw the flowmeter on the cement floor, its own inner elements absorb the majority of the impact force, so the precision remains inside the calibration range following five successive throws, which demonstrates that the construction of this gear is sufficiently powerful.

So does this evaluation also demonstrate the durability of this year? The term durability comes from constant patience and will be the capability to describe things as time passes. You can also have noticed the ALICAT anti-vibration evaluation movie, which shows that the stability and repeatability of this ALICAT laminar stream differential flow measurement. It is the gear durability evaluation since it is a fantastic testament to the constant functioning of the apparatus over time since it proceeds to defy shocks.

Ruggedness and durability are all closely associated with Weili flowmeters, but maybe not necessarily. A tool that could withstand enormous impact, its inner elements might be worn out because of long-term usage; nonetheless, a system that's been utilized for several years and has constant performance might also be damaged by accidental reduction from an extreme elevation.

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