Flowmeter Problem You Are Experiencing

Jan 26 , 2019

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Problem: After power-on and flow-through, the output (or indication) sign of the vortex flowmeter doesn't change with the circulation speed. Due to the bad grounding of the defense of the line along with the improper choice of the grounding point, the outside electromagnetic interference is very serious (by way of example, 50Hz power frequency interference). The weak vortex signal is totally suppressed, and the output signal is completely submerged by sound interference. At this time, adjusting the valve opening degree and the advantage of the meter is futile. The connection between the detecting component along with the converter is broken, the input of the preamplifier is open, or the discovering part has a signal line shorted into the floor, causing serious imbalance of the preamplifier input, and the common mode interference is down, along with the vortex street The sign is suppressed by noise disturbance and the outcome is totally controlled by disturbance. The gain of the preamplifier is too large, inducing self-oscillation and the output signal is locked at the self-excited frequency.

Solution: The above is a fault caused by electrical explanations.

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