Do You Know These Problems With Flow Meter?

Jan 28 , 2019

Here is Chemical Flowmeter Supplier talking about Flow Meter.

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Problem: Strong vibration of the pipeline (or surroundings ). When the vibration direction is in accord with the sensitive management of this instrument detection element, the vibration fully suppresses the vortex sign, and the output signal is that the vibration frequency signal. Fixing the valve opening doesn't alter the output.


Solution: Utilize vibration reduction steps (plus pipe anti-vibration chair, fixed pipe), describe the direction of vibration, then turn the sensor of this vortex flowmeter round the pipe axis by 90 °Cand adjust the sensitive direction of this discovering component to the path of vibration. Vertically, the effect of the vibration can be decreased or the gain and activate the sensitivity of the preamplifier can be appropriately reduced. Take the above measures to eliminate the effects of vibration.

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