Flowmeter Problems

Jan 25 , 2019

Here is Accurate Electromagnetic Flow Meter China talking about Flow Meter.

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Problem: From the power-on condition, the effluent valve output doesn't come back to zero, just the downstream valve output signal returns to zero. This fault is the result of a fluid disturbance in the pipe, and the disturbance comes in the downstream pipe of this vortex flow meter. From the pipe network, if the right pipe segment downstream of the vortex flowmeter is brief and the socket is close to the valves of other pipes at the pipe network, the fluid disturbance in these pipes (like the valves at the other downstream pipes available, shut, and adjust the valve regularly ) Action) Passed to the vortex flowmeter detection component, resulting in a false signal.

Solution: Lengthen the downstream straight pipe section to reduce the effect of fluid disturbance.

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