What Are The Occasions That Are Not Suitable For Gas Turbine Flowmeters?

Jan 24 , 2019

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1. The gas turbine flowmeter is greatly affected by the circulation field supply. Hence, the flowmeter free of the rectifier in the inlet should be provided with a straight pipe section to the upstream and downstream faces of the sensor as required. The flowmeter designed using the rectifier in the inlet should also be in agreement with the requirements of the instructions. Set the length of the pipe.

2. It is not suitable for use in situations in which there is a strong pulsating flow, nor is it appropriate for the measurement of mixed-phase flow.

3. The cleanliness of the tested medium is elevated, and the filter has to be installed as required, but this also brings about an increase in pressure reduction.

4. The circulation characteristics of small-diameter turbine flowmeters are severely affected by physical attributes, so the performance of small-caliber turbine flowmeters is difficult to improve. For instance, the minimum diameter is DN25, but the scope is only 10:1, and the accuracy is simply up to ±1.0 percent.

5. It is not allowed to be used in the presence of fast switches.

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