The Structure Principle Of Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Aug 15 , 2019

Here is a Flow Meter Manufacturer talking about the structure principle of electromagnetic flowmeter.

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Electrode Flow Meter

Electrode Flow Meter

The flowmeter weighing impulse flowmeter that measures the flow using the impulse theorem is used to measure the flow rate of the granular solid medium, and is also used to measure the flow rate of the mud, the crystalline liquid, and the abrasive. Flow measurement ranges from a few kilograms per hour to nearly 10,000 tons. The typical instrument is a horizontal force-separated impulse flowmeter. The measurement principle is that when the measured medium falls freely from a certain height h to a detection plate with a tilt angle, an impulse is generated, and the horizontal force component of the impulse is proportional to the mass flow rate. Measuring this horizontal component can reflect the mass flow. According to the detection method of signal (9), this type of flowmeter is divided into displacement detection type and direct force measurement type.

The electromagnetic flowmeter is made by applying the electric conductor to generate an induced electromotive force in a magnetic field, and the induced electromotive force is proportional to the flow rate, and is measured by measuring the electromotive force to reflect the flow of the pipeline. Its measurement accuracy and sensitivity are high. Industrially used to measure the flow of water, slurry and other media. The maximum diameter can be measured up to 2m, and the pressure loss is extremely small. However, media with low conductivity, such as gas and steam, cannot be used. The electromagnetic flowmeter has a high cost, and the signal is susceptible to external magnetic field interference, which affects the wide application in industrial tube flow measurement. To this end, the product is constantly improving and updating, to the development of computer.

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