How To Do A Comprehensive Inspection Of The Electromagnetic Flowmeter?

Aug 24 , 2019

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Flowmeter China

Flowmeter China

Electromagnetic flowmeter is a new type of flow measuring instrument developed rapidly with the development of electronic technology in the 1950s and 1960s. The electromagnetic flowmeter is an instrument that applies the principle of electromagnetic induction to measure the flow of a conductive fluid according to the electromotive force induced by the conductive fluid through the application of a magnetic field.

How to ensure the normal operation of the electromagnetic flowmeter, maintenance of this link is essential. The company can conduct a comprehensive inspection of the electromagnetic flowmeter every year. The inspection contents are: visual inspection, converter characteristic test, measurement value calibration, measurement of voltage of each part, measurement of insulation resistance, confirmation of circuit, etc.

It is very important to adjust the zero point due to the zero drift of the meter check adjustment ("online zero adjustment" must stop the measured medium from flowing, which is not easy to do). Therefore, the online inspection often omits the inspection including the operation of the sensor, and only implements the calibration of the converter, so as to compare the online inspection result with the historical data to determine whether the instrument continues to be used, repaired or updated, and the sensor is insulated according to the measured excitation coil. The degree of deterioration determines whether it is updated or not. Verify that the electromagnetic flowmeter is abnormal by online inspection.

Check the flow sensor and converter separately for the pipeline that cannot stop the flow of the medium. The analog signal detector and other general-purpose instrument test converters have higher calibration accuracy (depending on the accuracy of the analog annunciator), and the sensor inspection is to test the electricity. Inductive resistance, check the excitation coil including the insulation resistance and copper resistance of the excitation connection cable, as well as the indirect method of checking the excitation current output from the converter and checking the magnetic field strength. For pipelines that can stop the flow of the medium, the inlet can be accessed from the vicinity of the sensor, and the electricity and lining contamination/deposition conditions are checked and cleaned.