What Are The Causes Of Errors In The Electromagnetic Flowmeter?

Aug 10 , 2019

Here is a Flowmeter Exporter talking about the causes of errors in the electromagnetic flowmeter.

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The electromagnetic Flowmeter China has the characteristics of high precision and long service life, and is applied in many fields and industries such as chemical industry, environmental protection and metallurgy. However, in the course of use, due to various factors, it is easy to cause inaccuracies in the measurement results of the electromagnetic flowmeter. So what are the causes of errors in the electromagnetic flowmeter?

Flowmeter China

Flowmeter China

The liquid in the tube is not full: due to insufficient back pressure or poor installation position of the flow sensor, the liquid in the measuring tube is not filled, and the failure phenomenon is different due to the degree of imperfection and the flow condition. If a small amount of gas is stratified or wavy in the water pipe, the fault phenomenon shows an increase in error, that is, the flow measurement value does not match the actual value; if the flow is a bubble flow or a plug flow, the fault phenomenon does not match the actual value. In addition, the output sloshing occurs due to the instantaneous covering of the electrical surface by the gas phase; if the gas phase of the cross-sectional area of the horizontal pipe is increased in the stratified flow, that is, the liquid is not full, the output sloshing may occur; if the liquid is not full The situation is so serious that the liquid level is below the electricity level, and the output super fullness will occur.

The liquid contains a solid phase: the liquid contains solids such as powder, granules or fibers, and may cause failures; 1 slurry noise; 2 electrical surface contamination; 3 conductive deposition layer or insulating deposition layer covering electricity or lining; 4 lining is worn Or covered by sediment, the flow cross-sectional area is reduced.

Problems caused by improper selection of electrical and grounding ring materials: Electromagnetic flowmeters that are in contact with the medium due to mismatch between the material and the measured medium have electrical and grounding rings. If the matching is not correct, except for corrosion resistance, as long as it is an electrical surface. effect.