What should We do if the Electrode Flow Meter is Dirty?

Jun 29 , 2019

As an indispensable product in industrial production, instrumentation has been widely used in daily life. However, as a precision instrument, the flowmeter has many places for attention in daily use and daily maintenance. The Electrode Flow Meter is an intelligent instrument, and its maintenance is especially important.

Electrode Flow Meter

For electrode flow meter, if the measured medium is relatively dirty for a long time, the electrode flow meter will produce dirt on the electrode after working for a period of time. When the conductivity of the fouling substance is different from the conductivity of the measured medium, measurement errors are caused. The adhesion of sludge and oil to the electrode will also cause the instrument output to oscillate and drift. Therefore, in this case we need to regularly maintain and clean the electrode flow meter. China Liquid Flow Measure Device Supplier would like to share with you the following describes the cleaning methods for several electrode flow meter:

1. Mechanical removal method.

The mechanical cleaning method achieves electrode removal by installing a special mechanical structure on the electrodes.

2. Ultrasonic cleaning method.

The ultrasonic voltage of 45~65 kHz generated by the ultrasonic generator is applied to the electrode, so that the energy of the ultrasonic wave is concentrated on the contact surface between the electrode and the medium, thereby utilizing the ability of the ultrasonic wave to crush the dirt to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

3. Electrical breakdown.

This method is periodically applied between the electrode and the medium using AC high voltage, usually 30~100V. Since the electrode is attached, the surface contact resistance becomes large, and the applied voltage is almost concentrated on the attached matter, and the high voltage will break down the attached matter and then be washed away by the fluid.

Regular cleaning of the electrode will extend the life of electrode flow meter. It should be known that in the event of a malfunction of electrode flow meter, the cost of repair will be relatively high. Only regular maintenance can be achieved during normal use, so that unnecessary losses can be reduced and the value of the product can be expanded.