Ic Card Smart Water Meter "secret", You Know?

Jul 02 , 2019

Here is Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter Factory talking about Ic Card Smart Water Meter "secret".

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At present, the highest occupancy rate for water supply enterprises or management units is the IC card smart water meter. From the appearance, the IC card smart water meter is a relatively simple “simple water meter”, which can solve the charging problem without the on-site meter reading. , but do we really understand it, have we noticed these things before we are ready to change tables and after changing tables?

Before changing the mechanical water meter, the water supply management unit will gradually embark on the "smart management road". Why do you say this? At present, the most popular smart water meter is the wireless remote water meter. Then the whole wireless water meter industry chain is in the pilot stage. Many companies like to enjoy the cool under the “pre-ethnic tree” and choose the IC card smart water meter, water meter and heat. Tables and meters are different.

Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter Factory

It pays more attention to the installation environment (location, humidity, water soaking, etc.) and the "secret" of the IC card smart water meter is to determine the installation environment before selecting a product. This is a lot of water supplier management in the water meter supplier. When an organization does not pursue an environment, the price is important. If you are blindly pursuing the price, there is an old saying that you are called a price-for-money. If you do your work well in the early stage, you will save a lot of trouble.

The production level of different products is not the same. This is because there are many manufacturers who do not prepare for spot, but the reason for custom production is to check the IC card smart water meter manufacturer before the replacement in the early stage. It is more conducive to you to choose a truly cost-effective product. There are some core technical requirements at the bottom of the IC card smart water meter. I will list it here for reference:

IP68 protection grade (protection level for solid objects: complete prevention of dust ingress; protection level of water: continuous immersion under certain pressure);

Regular descaling of the valve (the water meter valve can automatically switch the scale to prevent the valve from rusting);

The valve can be switched under high pressure, depending on the manufacturer's choice of material (actuator);

Anti-magnetic interference and battery under-voltage shut-off valve;