The Advantages of Salt Water Flow Meter

Jun 27 , 2019

Flow Meter Factory today would like to share with you about the advantages of Salt Water Flow Meter below:

Flow Meter Factory

1. The most important part of the sensor: the coil is optimized for design, and the most stringent actual flow test is used to ensure the measurement accuracy of the product.

2. The signal electrode is completely electrostatically shielded to ensure that the small signal is not disturbed by the coil, ensuring the measurement accuracy of the low flow rate.

3. The coil is isolated from the outside to ensure the long-term insulation strength of the coil, thus ensuring the long-term measurement accuracy of the sensor.

4. All the welding processes of the sensor adopt the argon arc welding process. Although the cost is high, the reliability of the welding can be ensured (welding is the most important production process of the sensor), especially the last welding process after the coil is installed. The argon arc welding process ensures that the installed coil is not damaged.

5. Using the grounding electrode structure to form a balanced electrode plane, ensuring that the entire measurement average speed is limited to the balanced electrode plane, which can eliminate electrical noise interference and provide accurate measurement results.

6. Customized double shielded cable.

7. Programmable frequency low frequency rectangular wave excitation improves stability of flow measurement and low power loss

8. Special medium measurement (such as slurry) uses high frequency excitation to eliminate clutter interference

9. 16-bit embedded microprocessor, fast calculation speed and high precision.

10. Full digital processing, strong anti-interference ability, reliable measurement and high precision.

11. Ultra-low EMI switching power supply, suitable for a wide range of power supply voltage, good anti-EMC performance.

12. Complete all functional design with a single board, using SMD devices and surface mount SMT technology, high circuit reliability.

13. Menu operation, easy to use, easy to operate, easy to learn and understand.

14. Unique lightning protection design.