How to Solve the Failure of Electrode Flow Meter?

Jul 12 , 2019

For the common faults encountered in the use of Electrode Flow Meter, Flow Meter Factory gives the following points, hoping to relieve doubts for the majority of owners.

Electrode Flow Meter

1. No flow output. Check if there is any fault in the power supply part, test whether the power supply voltage is normal; test the fuse on and off; check whether the sensor arrow is consistent with the fluid flow direction, such as inconsistently change the sensor installation direction; check whether the sensor is full of fluid, if it is not filled with fluid, replace the pipe or install vertically .

2. The signal is getting smaller or smaller. Test whether the insulation between the two electrodes is broken or short-circuited. The resistance between the two electrodes is normally between (70 ~ 100) Ω; the inner wall of the measuring tube may deposit dirt, the electrode should be cleaned and wiped, and the inner lining should not be scratched. Measure whether the pipe lining is damaged or not, if it is damaged.

3. The zero point is unstable. Check whether the medium is full of air bubbles in the measuring tube and the medium. If there is air bubble, install the air eliminator upstream. If it is installed horizontally, it can be changed to vertical installation. Check if the grounding of the instrument is intact. Perform three-level grounding (grounding resistance ≤100Ω); check the dielectric conductivity of the medium should be no less than 5μs/cm; check whether the medium is deposited in the measuring tube, and be careful not to scratch the inner lining when cleaning.

4. The flow indication value does not match the actual value. Check if the fluid in the sensor is full of tubes, with or without air bubbles. If there are air bubbles, install a getter upstream; check if the grounding is good; check if there is a valve upstream of the flow meter, if any, move it to the downstream or make it fully open. Check if the converter range setting is correct. If not, reset the correct range.