How To Install Ultrasonic Heat Meter In Actual Use?

Jul 17 , 2019

The installation requirements of Ultrasonic Heat Meter:

Ultrasonic Heat Meter

1. The ultrasonic heat meter must be connected with the matching joint (water meter joint) and sealed by the end face. It is forbidden to use other connection methods, otherwise the body will be damaged.

2. Pay attention to distinguish between water supply table and return water table during installation. Otherwise, the wrong installation method will lead to inaccurate measurement.

3. When the ultrasonic heat meter is installed vertically, it must be installed on the straight pipe with the water flow upward. If it is installed on the pipe with the water flow downward, the water in the pipe cannot fill the pipe section and affect the measurement accuracy, and even cannot be measured.

4. When the heat meter is installed horizontally, in order to prevent the influence of the bubble inside the pipe on the measurement accuracy, it is recommended to use the display window and the horizontal plane to install at 45°.