Can You Choose A Better Water Meter?

Jun 21 , 2019

Here is Flow Meter China Manufacturer talking about Choose A Better Water Meter

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6. Pipeline installation should leave the necessary length of the smart water meter connection. When the distance between the two ends of the pipeline exceeds the length of the water meter, the pipeline spacing should be corrected to meet the length of the water meter connection. Otherwise, the excessively large installation will cause the water meter thread connection end or The pipe joint or connecting nut and the connecting flange are broken and damaged. If the spacing is too small, the water meter cannot be installed. If the pipelines at both ends of the water meter are not on the same axis, the pipeline should be corrected on the same axis by other means, which is satisfied with the installation requirements of the water meter, otherwise, the above phenomenon will also occur.

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7. The main pipeline should be flushed before installation to prevent stones, sand and other debris from entering the water meter.

8. In order to make the water meter work for a long time, the water meter should always be filled with water. It is recommended that the outlet faucet be higher than the water meter by more than 0.5m.

9. Measures should be taken to prevent unfavorable hydraulic conditions (cavitation, surge, water hammer) from damaging the water meter.

10. The water meter should be protected from exposure and freezing, and antifreeze measures should be taken during freezing. The water meter should prevent the external environment from corroding and causing damage to the water meter.