Need To Pay Attention To The Choice Of Heat Meter2

Jun 01 , 2019

3. Different Heat Meter vary greatly in service life

4. Is the selected heat meter suitable for the site conditions?

Installation space: The Heat Meter is installed in the floor shaft. Therefore, the installation size of the heat meter is relatively small. Of course, the installation size also depends on the choice of the sensor access valve.


Whether the display portion of the totalizer can flexibly adjust the angle. In general, the heat meter has a relatively small installation space, and there are many pipes or other meters above the heat meter.

The display menu is fully functional. The display of various parameters is clear at a glance. Waterproof and dustproof performance of the heat meter. The inlet of the heat meter is generally equipped with a filter, and the filter is often drained. It is inevitable that water will splash on the heat meter, and generally the dust of the pipe well will be many, so the heat and dustproof performance of the heat meter. It is also very important.