What Are The Reasons For The Ultrasonic Heat Meter To Become The Mainstream Heat Meter?

Jun 05 , 2019

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At present, with the national energy shortage, traditional extensive and high-energy heating methods are gradually replaced by household metering and on-demand heating. The heat meter industry is also welcoming new members - ultrasonic heat meters.

According to mechanical characteristics, it can be divided into mechanical, electromechanical and electronic. The mechanical type means that the entire watch is composed of mechanical parts and has no electronic components. This type of technology has low threshold and low price. It is a mainstream product earlier, but its anti-interference ability is poor, mechanical gears are easily caught or damaged by impurities, and it is not suitable for electronic trends. In order to overcome the above problems, a smarter electronic heat meter has appeared on the market. The replacement of traditional heat meters with electronic heat meters has become a mainstream trend, and ultrasonic heat meters are among the best.

Ultrasonic Heat Meter Supplier

Ultrasonic heat meter is based on the ultrasonic flowmeter plus temperature measurement. The flow rate of the fluid and the temperature difference between the supply and return water are used to calculate the heat supplied to the user. The flow measurement part is a method in which a pair of ultrasonic transducers are used to alternately transmit (or simultaneously) ultrasonic waves, and indirectly measure the flow velocity of the fluid by observing the difference of the forward and reverse flow propagation times of the ultrasonic waves in the medium, and then calculate the flow rate by the flow rate. Indirect measurement method.

After obtaining the flow rate, the temperature of the influent water and the temperature of the effluent are respectively measured by two temperature sensors which are arranged on the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe, and the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet water is calculated. The instantaneous hot water flow Q of the water supply pipe is measured by the flow sensor, and after a certain time is accumulated, the heat value consumed by the user is obtained.