How To Choose A Heat Meter?

May 29 , 2019

Regarding the selection of International Model Ultrasonic Heat Meter, it is mainly considered from three aspects, namely, service life, accuracy and ease of installation and maintenance. When purchasing a heat meter, you should specifically consider the following aspects:

Ultrasonic Heat Meter

1. The rated flow of the Ultrasonic Heat Meter

At present, there is a misunderstanding in the selection of the heat meter, that is, the heat meter is selected according to the engineering caliber of the heat meter, and the correct method is to select according to the rated flow rate of the heat meter. The common flow rate of the heat meter should meet the requirements of the GB/T778 cold water meter, and the required flow rate of the first gear is 0.6m3/h. The ratio of common flow to minimum flow should be 10, 25, 50 or 100. For heat meters with nominal diameter ≤ 40 mm, the ratio of common flow to minimum flow must be 50 or 100.

2. To consider the installation location and installation form

Depending on the project, some heat meters are installed at the water inlet, while others are installed at the return water end, and others are designed for vertical installation. In this case, when you need to purchase a heat meter, you must first understand whether the product of interest meets the above requirements.