What are the Design Features of Mechanical Flow Meter?

Jul 05 , 2019

Design features:

1. The Mechanical Flow Meter display does not need to install electronic instruments on the valve body, and the mechanical operation mode is used when the pointer and the window scale are combined. The mechanical flow meter is required to start the electronic instrument to achieve the metering flow effect, and the temperature cannot be high. A historical problem of working under high pressure and bad conditions.

2. The flow display does not need power to start by the medium flow impact force to make the pointer mechanical operation, and high temperature and high pressure resistance is widely used in blast furnace cooling system, lubrication system, fuel supply system, chemical, chemical fiber, medicine, food, power station, pump equipment, petrochemical industry and other fields.

3. The pointer of the flow display is in the normally open state when the flow rate meets the spring demand under a certain pressure difference. Once the flow rate is insufficient, the automatic reset causes the medium to not reverse flow to achieve the backstop effect.

What are the Design Features of Mechanical Flow Meter?cid=96