How To Choose Smart Water Meter?

Jun 18 , 2019

Here are Water Flow Meter Suppliers talking about How to choose smart water meter.

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When changing the Smart Water Meter to choose, there are often some problems that we have not noticed. It often causes us to have many problems during the installation process or in use. For example, the mechanical part and the electronic part are inconsistently measured, and the valve cannot be opened.. ...such problems, as well as the length of the smart water meter for the installation of reserved size; because the product will appear in the national standard and non-national standard, the national standard selection also has different fixed files, so the problems that need to be prevented emerge in an endless stream, we sort out some major issues for everyone Understand the technical issues we need to pay attention to throughout the process.

Water Flow Meter Suppliers

1. It is recommended to determine the type, measurement characteristics and caliber of the water meter according to the working conditions of the water supply facility. The expected flow rate should be compatible with the Q1 to Q3 flow of the water meter.

2. The installation of the smart water meter must be based on the prompt on the dial of the water meter: there is “H” for horizontal installation and “V” for vertical installation. The direction of the arrow on the case is consistent with the direction of the pipe flow.

3. Install cock or shut-off valve upstream and downstream of the water meter, and install straight pipe sections of sufficient length and the same diameter according to the requirements of U5, D3 (5DN, 3DN) to ensure accurate measurement.

4. The water meter should be damaged due to the impact and vibration of the surrounding environment of the installation site.

5. The water meter should be protected from excessive stress caused by pipes and fittings. If necessary, install the water meter on the base or bracket. The upper and lower water pipes should be properly fixed to prevent any part from being displaced by the water thrust when the water meter is removed or the side is disconnected.