Instructions For Use Of Ultrasonic Water Meters

Jun 15 , 2019

Here is A Accurate Electromagnetic Flow Meter China manufacturer talking about Instructions For Use Of Ultrasonic Water Meters.

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It is mainly used to measure and monitor the flow of water medium, such as domestic water, central air conditioning system water, equipment pipe network water, etc.

Accurate Electromagnetic Flow Meter China

There are some problems in the installation process that need attention, the details that the construction unit needs to pay attention to, and the small installations of some ultrasonic water meters are installed:

1. Thoroughly clean the system piping before installation, remove the debris, sand and other debris in the branch pipe to avoid flow meter failure;

2. The body is installed horizontally or vertically, and the entrance table should be less than 0.8m from the ground when installed;

3. The direction of water flow should be indicated by the direction of the arrow on the body;

4. The diameter of the front and rear pipes should match the diameter of the body;

5.  Should be left 10 times DN before the body, should be left 8 times DN straight pipe section (DN is the nominal diameter of the flowmeter);

6. After installation, the joint should be sealed between the nut and the pipe; the flow sensor and the platinum resistor.