How Bad Is The Water Vapor In Flow Controller!

Feb 25 , 2019

Here is Flowmeter China manufacturer talking about Water Vapor In Flow Controller. 

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On the other hand, the mass-flow control of this thermal principle initially utilized from the mill caused harm to the thermal detector as a result of infiltration of liquid ammonia. The detector in the traditional thermal mass flow control is set to boost the gas temperature to some predetermined range once the gas moves, and because the liquid heat conductivity is more powerful than the gasoline, even if merely a momentary, trace quantity of liquid appears from the gas trail, This can cause the internal parts to cool fast. When a temperature fall is discovered, the temperature regulator consumes more energy to heat it into the specified temperature, inducing the digital components to burn off quickly.


The environmental monitoring station should monitor the air quality under various weather conditions. Rain, frosting and snow melting may cause water vapor to enter the mass flow controller; fuel cell application generates water by mixing oxygen and hydrogen. The middle pole is easy to introduce water vapor, or the liquid tank used for gas injection has reflux.

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If water vapor is infiltrated into the Digital Flow Meter controller, the situation is not so bad. Different from the thermal principle, the mass flow meter, and mass flow controller adopts the laminar flow pressure difference technology, and rely on the patented laminar flow structure to convert the gas from turbulent flow to laminar flow motion, and measure the gas pressure difference at both ends of the laminar flow sheet.