Treatment Of Measurement Error Of Vortex Flowmeter (3)

Dec 13 , 2018

Problem: Underneath the power-on condition, the downstream valve is switched off, the output doesn't come back to zero, and the vented valve output yields to zero. This is largely caused by the fluid pulsation pressure upstream of this disaster flow meter. If Digital Vortex Flowmeter has been installed on the T-branch along with the main pipe gets stress pulsation, or if there is a pulsating power supply upstream of this vortex flowmeter, the pulsating strain causes a false sign of the vortex flowmeter.

Solution: Install the downstream valve upstream of the vortex flowmeter and close the upstream valve during shutdown to isolate the effects of pulsating pressure. However, when installing, the upstream valve must be as far away as possible from the vortex flowmeter and make sure sufficient straight pipe length.

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