National water quality automatic monitoring system and network composition(1)

Oct 19 , 2019

The water quality automatic monitoring station is a comprehensive online automatic water quality monitoring system based on online automatic analytical instruments, using modern sensing technology, automatic measurement technology, automatic control technology, computer technology and communication technology.

In the traditional sense, automatic water quality monitoring stations generally consist of the following systems: station house, water collection system, water distribution system, test system, data acquisition and transmission system, and control system.

Water station monitoring indicators

The standard instrument configuration of the river water station is five parameters (water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity), permanganate index and ammonia nitrogen automatic analyzer and water meter. The water station on the lake bank adds total phosphorus, total nitrogen and chlorophyll to the above. Volatile organic pollutants (VOCs) and heavy metals can also be added in certain areas based on local pollution characteristics. Hydrogen and fecal coliforms can be increased at water stations in drinking water sources.


Frequency of monitoring of water stations

The national water station samples and analyzes is every time per 4 hours, and each monitoring project can get 6 monitoring results every day. The water station operation and maintenance technicians can set the monitoring frequency by the control software. The maximum monitoring frequency is once every hour, 24 times a day.


Purpose of national water station construction

The construction of the national water station is to realize the real-time control of the water quality status and its changing trend of the key sections of the major river basins in the country.


The principle of selection of national water stations

The selection principle of the national water station is in the provinces of the main tributaries of important rivers; the entrances and estuaries of important tributaries; the lakes and lakes of important lakes; the rivers of borders and rivers; the surrounding areas of major water conservancy projects.


Source of funding for national water stations

The national water quality automatic monitoring network water station construction and operation funds are fully funded by the state finance.

National water quality automatic monitoring system and network composition(1)