National water quality automatic monitoring system and network composition(2)

Oct 25 , 2019

National Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Network


The Ministry of Environmental Protection (formerly the State Environmental Protection Administration) started the pilot work of the surface water quality automatic monitoring station in some major river basins in China in September 1999, and the key sections in the Songhua River, Huaihe River, Yangtze River, Yellow River and Taihu Lake Basin respectively. 10 water quality automatic monitoring stations were built. On the basis of the pilot, starting from September 2000, after the efforts of the Tenth Five-Year Plan and the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the Songhua River, Liaohe River, Haihe River, Yellow River, Huaihe River, Yangtze River, Pearl River, Taihu Lake, Chaohu Lake, 149 water quality automatic monitoring stations have been built on the key sections of the ten major river basins such as the Dianchi Lake Basin and the Zhejiang-Jiangxi River, the southwestern rivers, the inland rivers, the large lakes and the national border rivers. An automatic water quality monitoring network covering the main water bodies in China has been formed. The specific location and distribution are shown in the figure below.

Application of national water quality automatic monitoring data

The real-time data of automatic water quality monitoring and the weekly report on water quality automatic monitoring of key sections of major river basins stored by the contwere released on the website of China National Environmental Monitoring Center.

The automatic monitoring data is collected and rol system from each analysis and testing instrument, and then transmitted to the hosting station of each water quality automatic station and the China Environmental Monitoring Center through VPN. Real-time publishing via the Internet. The escrow station can also realize real-time monitoring, remote control and data collection of the managed sub-station through VPN and telephone dialing. The provincial environmental monitoring center stations and other authorized departments can also access the historical monitoring data of each water station from the database of the central station at any time. Compared with conventional water quality monitoring, the monitoring frequency of automatic water quality monitoring is high, and the monitoring results are transmitted in time. In addition to facilitating the environmental management system to grasp the water environment quality in a timely manner, various forms of reports such as daily reports and weekly reports can be formed as needed.

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National water quality automatic monitoring system and network composition(2)