Main Advantages Of Gas Turbine Flowmeter

Jan 22 , 2019

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Main advantages of gas turbine flowmeter

1. High precision: the whole range is generally 1%-2.0%, and the high-precision type is 0.5%-1.0%; it is a kind of high precision.

2. Good repeatability: generally up to 0.05% to 0.2%, due to its good repeatability, through the frequent calibration or online calibration can achieve extremely high accuracy, so in the trade settlement is the preferred flow meter One.

3. Wide range: medium and large caliber generally up to 20:1, the small diameter of 10:1, starting flow is also low.

4. The pressure loss is small: generally 0.1 to 2.5 kPa under normal pressure.

5. Compact structure, lightweight, convenient installation, and use, and large circulation capacity.

6. Can use many different display methods, can only be equipped with a mechanical counter or only with a general flow totalizer, may also add a temperature and pressure compensation instrument on the mechanical counter, or just with a temperature and pressure compensator, and can utilize lithium batteries for quite a long time Power supply, easy to use.

7. As a result of overall use of heartbeat signal output, it is acceptable for total metering and link with computer, no zero drift, powerful anti-interference ability. At precisely the same time, if the high signal output signal is utilized, a very high-frequency signal (3-4 kHz) is available, and the signal resolution is strong.

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