Flowmeters Are Classified According To Measurement Principle

Mar 14 , 2019

Today we Flowmeter China manufacturers come to summarize the Flowmeters classification.

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 Natural Gas Vortex Flowmeter

Flowmeters are classified according to the measurement principle:

1. Principles of mechanics: Instruments belonging to such principles have differential pressure and rotor type using Bernoulli's theorem; impulse type and movable tube type using momentum theorem; direct mass type using Newton's second law; The target type of the momentum principle; the turbine type using the angular momentum theorem; the vortex type using the principle of fluid oscillation, the vortex type; the pitot tube type using the total static pressure difference; the volumetric type, the enthalpy, the trough type, and the like.

2. Electrical principle: The instruments used for such principles are electromagnetic, differential capacitive, inductive, strain resistant, etc.

3. Acoustic principle: ultrasonic measurement using the principle of acoustics for flow measurement. Acoustic (shock wave) and the like.

4. Thermal principle: The heat, direct thermal, indirect calorimetry, etc., which measure the flow using the thermal principle.

5. Optical principle: laser type, photoelectric type, etc. are instruments belonging to such principles.

6. Originally based on physical principles: nuclear magnetic resonance, nuclear radiation, etc. are instruments of this type.

7. Other principles: Marking principle (trace principle, NMR principle), related principles, etc.

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