What Should We Do If The Length Of The Flowmeter Is Insufficient?

Mar 19 , 2019

When the length of the flow meter such as High Accuracy Orifice Plate's straight pipe section is insufficient, the following methods can be adopted:

1. Refit pipes

The simple answer is to modify existing pipes in consultation with professionals.

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2. The method of concessions

The so-called concession method is a concession to an indicator, which is commonly used in product quality management.

3. Add flow regulator

Flow regulators for the flow meter such as Orifice Plate Meter can be used to reduce the length of upstream straight pipe segments. It can be used downstream of any upstream pipe fitting.

4. Choose the right model

As various types of flow meters have different demands on the length of the straight pipe section, if the flow meter has a long straight pipe section and can not meet the requirements, in any case, the model with a lower length of the straight pipe section should be chosen.

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