The usage method of the electrode flow meter

Nov 07 , 2019

Electrode flow meter is a new type of flow measurement instrument developed rapidly with the development of electronic technology in the 1950s and 1960s .Electrode flow meter is a kind of instrument to measure the flow of conductive fluid according to the electromotive force generated when the conductive fluid passes through the external magnetic field based on the principle of electromagnetic induction .

 The usage method of the electrode flow meter

Usage method :

When the instrument is powered on, it will enter the measurement state automatically. In the automatic measurement state, the electromagnetic flowmeter automatically completes each measurement function and displays the corresponding measurement data. In the parameter setting state, the user uses four panel keys to complete the instrument parameter setting.


1. Key function :

1.1 key function in automatic measurement state down key: cycle to select the down display content of the screen; up key: cycle to select the up display content of the screen; compound key + confirm key: enter the parameter setting state; confirm key: return to the automatic measurement state; in measurement state, adjust the contrast of LCD display: small LCD is pressed for several seconds through "compound key + up key" or "compound key + down key"; The large liquid crystal is realized by adjusting the potentiometer on the back of the large liquid crystal.

1.2 in parameter setting state, key function down key: number at cursor minus 1; up key: number at cursor plus 1; compound key + down key: cursor moves left; compound key + up key: cursor moves right; confirm key: Enter / exit submenu; confirm key: in any state, press continuously for two seconds to return to automatic measurement state.



a. When using the "composite key", first press the composite key and then press and hold the "up key" or "down key" at the same time

b. In the parameter setting state, if there is no key operation within 3 minutes, the instrument will automatically return to the measurement state.


c. For flow direction selection of flow zero correction, move the cursor to "+" or "-" on the leftmost side, and use "up key" or "down key" to switch to make it opposite to the actual flow direction.


d. To select the flow unit, move the cursor to the original displayed flow unit in the "flow range setting" menu, and then use the "up" or "down" switch to make it meet the needs


2. To set or modify the parameters of electromagnetic flowmeter, the operation of parameter setting function key must make the flowmeter enter the parameter setting state from the measurement state. In the measurement state, press the "composite key + confirm key" to display the state conversion password (0000), and modify it according to the password provided by the manufacturer according to the confidentiality level. Press "compound key + confirm key" again to enter the required parameter setting state. Installation of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter sensor on process pipeline

The usage method of the electrode flow meter


1. The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter must be fully filled with medium at any time, and can not work normally when the pipe is not full or empty. When the medium is not enough, the method of raising the height of the outlet pipe at the back end of the flowmeter can be used to make the medium full, so as to avoid the insufficient pipe and gas adhering to the electrode.


2. If there is vacuum in the pipeline, the lining of the flowmeter will be damaged. Special attention shall be paid.


3. The positive direction of flow shall be consistent with the positive direction indicated by the arrow on the flowmeter.


4. The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter can be installed on the straight pipe or the horizontal or inclined pipe, but the central connection of the two electrodes is required to be horizontal.


5. For liquid and solid two-phase fluid, it is better to use vertical installation to make the measured medium flow from top to bottom, which can make the lining of flowmeter wear evenly and extend its service life.


6. Ensure that there is enough space near the pipe flange for the flowmeter to be installed and maintained.


7. If there is vibration in the measuring pipeline, there shall be fixed supports on both sides of the flowmeter.


8. If the measuring medium is heavy polluted liquid, install the flowmeter body in the bypass pipe, without interrupting the process operation, it can be drained and cleaned.


9. When installing the flow meter with PTFE lining, the bolts connecting the flange should be tightened evenly, otherwise it is easy to crush the PTFE lining. It is better to use a torque wrench.