What is Rota Meter?

Jul 24 , 2019

The Rota Meter is based on the throttling principle to measure the fluid flow, but it is to change the flow area of the fluid to keep the differential pressure above and below the rotor constant, so it is also called the variable flow area constant pressure flow meter, also known as the float flow meter.

Rota Meter

Rota meters are one of the most commonly used flow meters in industry and in laboratories. It has the characteristics of simple structure, intuitive, small pressure loss and convenient maintenance. The rota meter is suitable for measuring small flows with a pipe diameter of D < 150 mm and for measuring the flow of corrosive media. When in use, the flow meter is generally installed on a vertically running pipe section, and the fluid medium is passed through the rota meter from bottom to top. The specially designed rotor flow meter can be horizontally installed or vertically mounted.

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