What Is Metal Tube Rotameter?

Dec 08 , 2018

1. Metal Tube Rotameter is suitable for small-bore and low-flow medium flow measurement within DN200.

2. Reliable work, small maintenance and long service life.

3. For the requirements of straight pipe section is not high, double-line large liquid crystal display, optional on-site instantaneous or cumulative flow display, with backlight single-axis sensitive indication.

4. Non-contact magnetic coupling drive.

5. Suitable for high temperature, high pressure and highly corrosive media. Such as Metal Tube Rotameter Chemical Industry.

6. Can be used in flammable and explosive hazardous situations.

7. Multi-parameter calibration function. Metal Tube Rotameter Water Flow Meter is our latest main product with good quality and excellent price.  If you are interested, please contact us.

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