Intelligent Electromagnetic Flowmeter Air Traffic Alarm

May 16 , 2019

Here is a Flow Meter China Manufacturer talking about Intelligent Electromagnetic Flowmeter Air Traffic Alarm.

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Intelligent Electromagnetic Flowmeter air traffic alarm:

Intelligent Electromagnetic Flowmeter Air Traffic Alarm

1. Whether the medium is full;

2. Use the wire to short-circuit the converter signal input terminals SIG1, SIG2, and IGGND. If the empty pipe alarm is canceled, the converter is normal. It may be that the dielectric conductivity is low or the empty pipe threshold and the empty pipe range are incorrectly set. ;

3. Is the signal connection normal?

4. Is the sensor electrode normal?

5. Use a multimeter to measure the DC voltage between DS1 and DS2 should be less than 1V. Otherwise, the sensor electrode should be contaminated and should be cleaned.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter upper limit (lower limit) alarm:

The upper (lower limit) alarm indicates that both the output current and the output frequency (or pulse) are over-limit. You can undo the alarm by changing the process range to smaller.