Selection Of Installation Position Of Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Sep 21 , 2019

The Electromagnetic Flow Meter is a newly developed type of breakthrough, high-precision pressure flow meter, which is developed on the basis of the traditional orifice flow meter. In the case of a conventional orifice flow meter, there is only a single fluid orifice, and it is difficult to achieve the desired flow field balance after throttling. For the new flow meter of the porous balance flow meter, it is The design is considered in this aspect, and the design of multiple function holes is carried out, which can adjust the flow field balance to a great extent, and then exert the great application characteristics of the differential pressure flow meter. Compared with the traditional differential pressure flow meter, the porous balance flow meter has the following characteristics shared by Electromagnetic Flow Meter Chemical Industry Supplier:

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

It has high linearity and good repeatability. On the basis of the symmetrical and porous characteristics of the two ends of the porous balance flow meter, the equilibrium flow field is realized, and the instability factors such as eddy current are reduced, and the stability of the flow field is greatly improved.

The length of the straight pipe section is not high. Based on the advantages of flow field stability and rapid pressure recovery of the porous balance flow meter, this also shortens the requirements for the length of the straight pipe section and makes it easier to select the installation position.

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