Jul 24 , 2018

In early 2010, the company began to research and develop ultrasonic heat meter, ultrasonic water meter and other new household measuring instruments, introduced MSP430F149 as the main control chip control unit, electronic scale, flow control valve, constant temperature water tank, pressure tank, water storage tank, solenoid valve, There are 2 sets of standard verification devices for heat meter, such as water pump, which can calibrate 100 heat meters at the same time on line. It has 4 assembly and welding production lines, more than 40 skilled operators, and its daily output is between 500 and 800 sets. At present, the annual sales volume is more than 20 million. With the spread of the heat meter in the country in recent years, there are already 15 provinces and 59 cities in the country promoting heat meter. The building area of central heating has reached 865.4 million square meters, annual demand is 1.5 million. The market prospects are huge.